What does a grief coach do?

Grief — if not tended to — can swallow you. I got into grief coaching after I unexpectedly lost someone I loved dearly to suicide, and grief hit me like a ton of bricks. Devastation, anger, depression, fear, confusion — all of it pounding me down at the same time. A certified grief coach is your anchor in the storm of emotions you may be feeling.

How does grief coaching Work?

Using guided conversations, I’ll talk you through your grief journey every step of the way. We’ll discuss:

  • Honoring your loved one’s legacy
  • What happens now
  • How to process grief
  • Permission to move forward
  • Release of trauma
  • Creation of new routines and traditions
  • Coping mechanisms

Your life is waiting.

There is no wrong feeling in grief coaching. I am here to hold space for you through each and every one. Honor your life by finding a path forward.

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