A life coach uses guided conversations to help you navigate personal or professional challenges and aspects of life. Whether you’re going through a transition, lacking confidence or just stuck in a rut, working with a life coach can help you achieve your goals and realize your full potential.

Coaching sessions can help hold you accountable, help you realize your self-worth and empower you to make lasting change.

When do you need a life coach?

A life coach is an unbiased third party who can help you sort out your professional life, achieve your personal goals or walk you through a big life change. Consider hiring a life coach to:

  • Discuss your purpose and/or identity 
  • Explore lack of motivation or excess emotions
  • Learn about communication and listening skills
  • Discuss career choices and changes
  • Navigate relationships and getting the most out of them

Coaching success story

Here is an example of a client I worked with: Paige was going through a divorce and her family was giving her a tough time about it. Paige just wanted a clean and even break. She didn’t want to fight with her soon-to-be ex-spouse, she didn’t want to go tit for tat. Our work together was around her self-esteem, trusting her intuition, and setting boundaries, being able to confidently tell her family that this was her journey and that if they were not going to support her, then she would not be sharing the journey with them, also being able to communicate with them what was appropriate in conversation, what she was going to say yes to and what she was going to say no to. In the end, she was able to confidently navigate both her divorce and her family, and she was able to create a healthier relationship with them. 

In coaching sessions, we did this through small steps, powerful questions and guided conversations. How did she want to show up in the world? Why was she giving her power away? What would be the worst thing to happen when standing up for herself, and how would she navigate it? 

One of the biggest lessons she was able to take away from our sessions was that communication is key.

Find your future

Coaching sessions will help you learn that the answers you’re looking for have been inside you all along, but you have to do the work to find them. This is where I can help. All my sessions are virtual and flexible to your needs. Schedule a free consultation today.

What is a Life Coach